Do you really need a game table?

Chad DeShon

Do you really need a game table?

I think we all know the answer to that question. No. You don't NEED a game table. You've probably successfully finished hundreds (if not thousands) of games on a normal table.

But a game table will make your life easier:
  • Roll dice without fear that they will roll off the table
  • Keep your friend's elbows out of the way so that you can see everything
  • Put drinks in cup holders so that spills don't ruin your games
  • Stop looking on the floor for dropped bits
  • Store a game under the topper to finish it later
Those are all great, but they aren't why you really want a game table.

It will look great in your home, but that isn't why you want a game table.

It's the experience.

When we talk about board games, we talk about mechanics, the theme, the art, the components.

Those are all important pieces, but a board game isn't any of those things. It is the experience. It's an experience that is greater than the sum of the parts. It is something that is a little hard to explain. Sometimes it makes you feel like you are in a different world. Sometimes it lets you match wits with or backstab your friends.

Your table will be the same way. Those features are all great, but when they come together, you have a new experience. It's the whole package. You've elevated a hobby you already love to something even greater.

Every single game you play just got better.

You won't be able to explain it to your non-gaming friends.

You bought a table for what? Why does that take a special table?

That's fine. You don't really owe them an explanation anyway.

If you're lucky, maybe they'll join you for a game, and experience it for themselves.

Happy gaming,

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