Don't buy a table that's too big

Chad DeShon


Ordering a custom gaming table, buying a new dining table, or even building your own table. There are lots of choices ahead of you. But the first and most important is:


When you decide what size table you need, there are two primary concerns:
  • The size of your room
  • The games you play

The Room

How much space do you need between your table and the wall?

3 feet is best. 2 feet can be okay in small spaces. It really is that simple.

Most of us wish we lived in a bigger house than we actually do. Get a table based on your actual house, not the one you wish you had. Otherwise you'll regret it when your chair keeps banging against the wall.


The Games

The most important thing is to know what games you will actually play on the table. If you play 8-player Twilight Imperium on a regular basis, then it is important to get a table large enough to hold that massive game. If playing an 8-player Twilight Imperium is more of a dream than a regular occurrence, then it is best not to give that game too much weight when deciding what size to get.

It is better to be cramped once every six months than to be stretching and standing to reach pieces when playing small games.

What Size

If you really do play large footprint games, then their size is going to make your decision for you. For example, many miniatures games require a 4'x6' playing surface.

Other than playing miniatures, a table width of 36" to 42" is ideal for giving enough space and still being able to reach across.

For most people, a 3' x 5' playing surface is the perfect size. Two people can sit on each side, so it plays four people with ease. You can add a person to each end and play six. The players on the end with have a longer reach, but it is still very manageable.

If you need to be able to sit eight people and have the room, then you can go up to a 3' x 6' playing area. Three can sit on each side and one on each end. You get most of the benefits of the 3' x 5' table, but it can seat two more people. People sitting on the ends won't be able to reach the center of the table without standing, but that is pretty much impossible to avoid with a table that seats eight people.

If your game room is more of a breakfast nook, then a 3' x 3' playing surface might be what you need. It will seat four people, one on each side. This is an ideal setup for card games because it makes it easier to hide your hand from the players sitting beside you. The 3' x '3 area is large enough to hold most small and medium size board games as well.

You may have noticed that the 3'x3' and 3'x6 tables shown in the picture at the top of this email aren't available for purchase on our website. Consider this a sneak peak. If you're interested in more details about these soon-to-be-released models, just reply to this email.

Happy gaming,

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