Virtual Table Builder -and- A Free Table Givaway

Chad DeShon


New Features

You asked for more options. Now custom tables are even more customizable, in addition to features that have been around for awhile like:
  • Hexagon or Rectangle
  • Multiple sizes
  • 5 different wood options
  • 5 different stain options
  • Slide-out cup holders
  • Drawers
  • Wing shelves
  • Plexiglass
I mean, that was great, but people kept emailing. Can you build a size that isn't listed on the website? Any way for you to make an extender-shelf? What about a white table? Can I get a double pedestal instead of legs? Is there a way to have repositionable cup holders?

So, we're making custom tables even more customy.
  • Any play area length from 3ft to 8ft, in 6in increments.
  • 3ft, 3.25ft (my new personal favorite), 3.5ft, and 4ft width on any table.
  • Pedestal and trestle leg styles
  • A plank effect topper style
  • Repositionable cup holders
  • Drawers with built in USB / phone chargers
  • LED Lighting
  • Table extenders
  • Stand alone card holders
  • Poker chip trays
  • Specialty woods including: "Worn White", "Barn Wood", "Red Red Oak", and "True Black"
  • Velvet playing surface
  • Custom print playing surfaces

Virtual Table Builder

These are all features that customers made special requests for in the past. We built them for those customers, they liked them, so why not offer them to you too?

Whether you want those new features on a game table or not, sometimes it is challenging to get a feel for what it is all going to look like. What is the visual of getting a pedestal instead of four legs? Will your games fit on the table you are looking at, or do you need to go bigger? Or can you get away with smaller so you have more room to walk around it?

Check out the new totally awesome virtual table builder to find out.


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