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Have the original version of "On Tour" that has ONLY the USA maps?
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This expansion provides a map of Europe for your band to tour through. It has the same rules as the USA map, but the different geography lends itself to exciting new strategies.
On Tour European Expansion

On Tour European Expansion

If you bought On Tour USA and Europe, you don't need this. The contents of this expansion are already included in that game.

You must already own the first edition of On Tour, The expansion only includes the boards and Europe cards (no dice, markers, USA cards, or box). The new maps will fit in the first edition box that you already have.

An exciting new twist to our hit game On Tour, that came out in 2019, is the European expansion! The European expansion comes with eight double sided player boards; Europe on one side and USA on the other side, a set of 40 Region + Country cards, and eight dry erase markers.

A new wrinkle on the same game.

The European map has the same rules as the USA map, but the differences in geography create a different feel and strategy.

There are fewer connections on the European map (70 lines for 40 countries vs 89 lines for 41 states). However, it is easier to get from one side of the map to the other on the Europe side. The max distance between any two countries is 6, vs a max distance of 10 on the USA map. So on Europe, it is easier to zigzag around the whole board, but harder to wiggle around in close quarters.

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