is now Allplay is changing its name to Allplay.
Allplay Logo Logo is changing its name to Allplay. was founded eight years ago. At the time, we only sold board game tables. Through the years we've added bags, playmats, and shelves, as well as publishing seventeen board games and eight expansions. The change reflects both who we have become and where we want to go.

Allplay wants more people to have game nights. We believe game nights bring people together and strengthen relationships.

Allplay publishes games that are approachable and easy to learn, but are still strategic and make you want to play over and over again. If you take your strategy seriously, then Allplay games are for you. If you're playing more for the social hangout, then Allplay games are also for you.

Allplay also makes everything else you might need for your game night. Tables or playmats to play on and elevate the whole experience. Bags to transport your games. And, most recently, shelves to store and show off your game collection.

The name change takes effect immediately, but it will be a few months until the website, social media, etc are all updated. We will still be selling products and using some print media with the logo for quite a while as we move through existing inventory.

Tables are still a very important part of our business. This isn't going to change. We are continuing to sell, market, and improve our tables. We will continue to support the thousands of customers who have purchased tables from us for the last eight years.

While it may seem like a big change, at our core, nothing is truly changing. This is about updating our name to match what we are already doing. The name Allplay shows our commitment to making products for all people, and making all the products you need for a great game night.

You can still shop at Sometime in January, that website will start redirecting to, but the products will be the same ones that you've come to know and love.

Download official logos here.

Download the press release.

Let's all play.

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