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Ultimate Game Room Makeover

Every game room is great.
Let's make yours EPIC!
The Allplay way.

Two ways to enter:

For a Table: Enter your email below for a chance to win a fully loaded Jasper Board Game Table.

For a Complete Game Room: Email with photos of your current game room and your story. Tell us why we should give your game room a complete makeover. Enter for yourself or someone you know who you think really deserves it.

This will enter you to win a free table. Additionally, email to enter for the full game room makeover. You can enter BOTH!

This is serious.

Someone is going to get a brand new game room of their dreams. The real makeover treatment. It will be just like a reality TV show. We’re going to put you in a hotel for two days and then go to your house and completely redo your game room.

Your new game room will include:

  • at least one new board game table
  • chairs
  • shelves (as many as it takes!)
  • new board games
  • wall art

Depending on what your room needs, it might also include

  • new flooring
  • wall paint
  • other furniture
  • better lighting
  • and more

This will be a completely one of a kind project to give you an amazing game room.

Do you know someone who deserves a new game room? Email their story and some photos to

Don't need a whole game room?

We will be picking a room where we think we can show a great transformation, but we don’t want anyone to be left out. Everyone is welcome to enter their email address below, and we will ALSO randomly pick someone from those submissions to win a free Jasper Board Game Table (with topper, chairs, and all the fixin’s).


Deadline to enter for both is March 23, 2023.

Fine Print

You MAY enter both giveaways. There will be two winners. One randomly chosen to get a free table. One chosen by us to get a full game room makeover. The free table is available to the USA, Canada, and Europe. The game room makeover is open to USA residents in the contiguous 48 states. We have some flexibility and would love for you to apply even with an out of the box game room idea. Building or removing walls is outside the scope of this makeover project.

Let's all play.