Bites Board Game Rules Clarifications

Some of the rule card interactions can get a little hairy. Here are some clarifications.


Are the tiny tokens to be placed beside the ant hill for players to take when they move an ant onto the ant hill?

No. Those are needed for some of the special rule cards. The tokens placed by the ant hill are removed from the tokens before you make the trail.

What does "Spend a chocolate" mean?

Discard it. Out of the game. Gone. No one will do anything with that token again until the next time you play. It will not score any points for anyone.

Does the "Backwards" Chocolate card let me move a card off the ant hill?

No. No cards let you move any ants that are on the ant hill unless they explicitly say so.

If you land on the last available space before a stick, are you allowed to "reach over" the stick and take the first item after it?

Yes. The stick is not a "token" for the purposes of figuring out which tokens you can take.

If I move an ant to the ant hill, (and I have a chocolate during the 'Doubler' rule) can I use the chocolate to take another food from the ant hill stash?


If a card scores based on having "tokens", do wine and chocolate count as "tokens"?


Can an ant "tiptoe" onto the ant hill?

No. Chocolate cards can never affect the ant hill unless they explicitly say so.

The Recycler takes the first three tokens from the trail. What if there are ants on some of them?

The Recycler takes the first 3 tokens that don't have an ant on them.

Using the Doubler, can I take the token in front of me, and then for my second token, take the token in front of that one, even though I wasn't eligible to take that token at first?


What do I do with this white ant or Zebra ant?

Only use it if the Zebra card is in play.

What happens to tokens left in the trail at the end of the game?


 How exactly does the "Symbiont" card work? 

Normally when you set up the game, you will set one of each food token next to the ant hill. Do not do this. Instead, you will set the small food tokens by the ant hill. When you reach the ant hill, take one of the small tokens. That token will not count towards your final score. At the end of the game, every food token in your possession that matches the small token that you received is work two extra points.