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Cup Holders

Cup Holder

Offer your guests a drink without fearing that they will ruin your favorite game. Cup holders keep drinks in easy reach, but below the table surface.

Side Cup Holder

When they're not performing their drinkly duties, we’ve been known to stash our hidden money in there for safe keeping.

You don't have to worry about where you left your cup holder or where you are going to store them when you aren't using them. They slide in and out of the table. There when you need them. Hidden when you don't.

Two cup holders on the end of the table each hold one drink. They are usable by someone sitting on the end of the table, but they are also reachable (but out of the way) by someone sitting on the long side of the table.

The double cup holder on the long side of the table can hold two drinks. One for each player on that side. Since it is wider, it can also hold a small bowl, or maybe some chips and dip.