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The playing surface of your table will be covered in a special fabric called "speed cloth". This is the same material that is used on poker and gaming tables in casinos. Speed cloth provides a smooth surface that cards glide over. It repels dirt and lint, and water beads on its surface.

Under the speed cloth is a thin layer of foam. This little bit of padding makes it easy to pick up cards and chits. Don't worry. We didn't overdo it. The table is still firm enough that your game of Bandu won't be affected.

Over time, lint (and cat hair if your house is like mine) can collect on the speed cloth, but speed cloth cleans easily with a lint roller and/or a damp cloth. If you ever need to replace your speed cloth layer, it is removable from the rest of the table and can be replaced.

Each of these images shows a section of the cloth that is about 2 inches on each side. We have worked hard to make the colors you see match the real life fabric colors as close as possible. However, variations in monitors and in the lighting in your game room make it impossible to be exact. If you aren't sure about your choice, we can send you fabric samples after you place your order. (We'll wait until we hear back from you with a final decision before we put the fabric on your table.)