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Plexiglass in a rectangle cherry table.
Look. You can see right through it.

Plexiglass might be the oldest gaming accessories. (Dice aren't accessories are they?) A versatile tool that takes a game that was annoying to play and makes it a joy to play instead.

  • Play wargames with paper maps? Plexiglass
  • Train games with paper maps? Plexiglass
  • D&D campaign with dry erase markers? Plexiglass
  • Crazy games of Win, Lose, or Draw? Plexiglass
  • Crayon rail games? Plexiglass
  • Maps that won't lay flat? Plexiglass
  • Want to mark where your minis were setup? Plexiglass

Cut to fit

When your order plexiglass with your table, it will be cut perfectly to fit. Snuggling just inside the rail. Making sure everything gets covered.

We didn't forget about removing the plexi. One corner is notched to make it easy to pick up.