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Wing Shelves

Two wing shelves
They can hold snacks.

A removable shelf for snacks, laptops, whatever.

Sometimes your game doesn't take up the whole table. When this happens, pop in the wing shelf and set some snacks on it. We know some people have hard and fast rules about food at the gaming table, but we don't think some non-greasy food (maybe some M&M's) are going to hurt anyone.

Each shelf is 10 inches wide. When it is set in the table, it creates a continuous surface with the rail, giving you a 13 inch wide area to work with. Order one or two. Compatible with all rectangle shaped tables, regardless of topper (or no topper).

For RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, the wing shelf provides a great way to seperate GM material from the player's material and main map. If the GM uses a laptop, the wing shelf is even more useful. Wing shelves are perfect for laptops.