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9 Lives builds on the trick taking foundation (Spades, Heart, etc), but then turns it sideways.

1. The backs of the cards show what suit they are. It REALLY affects the strategy of a trick taker when you know what suits people have.

2. You take a card from that trick into your hand, after you win said trick. I'm still trying to understand all the strategies this unlocks.

3. There aren’t any \“bad\” hands. As long as you can predict how many tricks you are going to take, you can score.


Giant wood cat meeples! They're extra chonky, extra adorable, and extra unique. We're not saying get this game only for the meeples, but we're also not not saying that.

Even better, they are a functional part of the game as they are the key component you interact with as you place your bets.

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I love this game! It does so much, and has so many twists. Taylor’s Trick-Taking Table
TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Taiki Shinzawa ARTIST Chris Smith
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