Baubuche Table - SOLD OUT -

Sale price $4,999.00 Regular price $5,879.00
Baubuche Table - SOLD OUT -
Baubuche Table - SOLD OUT -
Baubuche Table - SOLD OUT -

Sometimes we test out a new type of wood or features we want to offer. This table is one example, where the wood workers were testing a new premium wood type, metal legs, a lower profile playing surface (to fit in with the more modern/industrial feel of the table), and a new way of offering the USB connections that did not require drawers. 

Playing area: 3' 6" × 6'

Total size: 4' x 6' 6"

Size w/optional dining topper: 4'2" x 6' 8"

Baubuche wood

Green speed cloth 

30" dining height with custom Metal Legs

6 standard cup holders + 2 wine glass holders on sliders under skirt of table (all 4 sides)

6 USB ports (flush mount on skirts)

Original price $5879.00