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In Bear Raid there is a certain amount of luck needed, but most of it comes down to you. It's not just a matter of chucking the dice and moving the prices. Each company has dice that can be manipulated, and they interact with different "event cards" every turn. You can get a glimpse of what might happen next turn, but it won’t be a perfect picture.

There are 42 dice in the game, but not all of them are rolled and its your choice how you influence the game. Leave dice on a company or take them back. Leave dice behind your screen or add them to the bag. These decisions will be just as important as buying or shorting the stock.

COMPONENT UPGRADE 180 Wood Stock Discs

Are you the kind of person who wants the absolute best game?

With Bear Raid you can upgrade from the standard cardboard to chunky wood stock discs. To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, the upgrade will have all 180 screen printed stock tokens and add both literal and figurative heft to the game.

COMPONENTS What's in the box?
Jac Previews Bear Raid Prototype
Play-through by Heavy Cardboard
TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Ryan Courtney

Ryan is a New York City based designer who enjoys providing an opportunity for players to challenge themselves by adding a thinky unexpected twists to established genres.

ARTIST Nick Nazzaro

Nick is a multi-faceted artist from Los Angeles illustrating both board games and television shows like HarmonQuest and Midnight Gospel.
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