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BIG TOP Game Overview

Come one, come all to Big Top! Hire the wildest and most wonderful acts to attract crowds of delighted spectators.

In this fast paced auction game you’ll be bidding on show-stopping acts for your Big Top to draw in the crowds. Beware - each winning bid will make your competition that much richer.

BUT WAIT - that’s not all! Even the attractions you’ve already won will affect bids in future auctions. For those attractions to score, you'll have to fill in all their circles by bidding specific amounts in future auctions.

In this competitive world of circuses, you’ll have to keep a close eye not just on your winnings, but on all of your opponents' bids.

BIG STRATEGY SMALL BOX Interesting Auction Game

Big Top is based on Suroboruos by Taiki Shinzawa, with a few minor changes. Suroboruos had very limited availability and we're thrilled to make it available to more gamers. This is the third game we've published by Taiki Shinzawa because he keeps making incredibly innovative designs.

Unlike other auction games, Big Top gives you another dimension and more nuance. It turns auction strategies on their head.

COMPONENTS What's in the box?
UPGRADES 78 Metals Coins

Level up the delight of Big Top by upgrading your cardboard coins to 78 shiny metal coins! You’ll feel the true weight of every bid with these beautiful bits in your hand.

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Reiner Knizia and Beth Sobel are a perfect pairing! Taylor Reiner, Taylor's Trick Taking Corner
TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Taiki Shinzawa ARTIST The Mico
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