THOUGHTFUL FEATURES Premium Play Experience

This isn’t a piece of loose fabric to just slap on the table.

It’s heavily cushioned to make gameplay comfortable and is about double the thickness of alternative options. Inset stitching keeps the Board Game Playmat strong after tons of use and won’t catch cards that slide over the edge. Tough water-resistant neoprene will protect tables from some rowdy gameplay and spills. And the no-slip rubber backing will make game pieces don’t go anywhere.

It’s got everything you want and need to turn any flat surface into a quality gaming table.

THE ROUND TABLE New Premium Round Playmat

I mean not everyone has a rectangular dining room table or coffee table right? So it just makes sense to offer up this brand new Premium Round, Blue Playmat. With all of the wonderful features of our rectangular playmats...except ROUND! It's big, it's round, it's beautiful, and it's functional. If that isn't enough, you can relive your fantasy as being one of the Knights of the Round Table!

This playmat will fit most standard-size round dining tables.

Diameter size is 43.5 inches (110 cm).

Extra Thick Padding

At 5mm thick, it's a hefty improvement over typical 3mm options. This provides an experience nearly equal to a gaming table. And it always lays flat when unrolled.

Inset Edge Stitching

The reinforced stitching is meticulously designed with a lower profile than the rest of the mat - so it won't catch cards if they slide to the edge.

No-Slip Backing

A sturdy underside ensures that the mat will stay in place and keep all your games on the table. This Playmat won't be sliding anywhere!

TAKE IT WITH YOU The Carrying Case

Every Playmat will come with a carrying case specifically designed for it.

We want it to go with you to a friend's house, a community game night, a con, or a weekend getaway.

We’re always a little skeptical of "gift-with-purchase" items companies use to increase interest, so we made sure this won’t be just a cheap add-on. The quality of the case matches the thoughtfully designed and produced gaming playmat. The Board Game Playmat easily slides into the case and the adjustable straps make it comfortable to carry. We bet you'll end up using it even more than you think!


After surveying thousands of gamers, we’ve come up with three great sizes.

The Small - 2.5' x 4' (75 x 120cm)\

The Medium - 3 x 5 ft (91 x 152 cm)

The Large - 3.5 x 5.5 ft (107 x 168 cm)

These three sizes will fit on over 80% tables, meaning that you’ll most likely be able to use it at home or anywhere you go. The Small size is great for folding tables!

As an added bonus, the Board Game Playmat works well with our Jasper Table too. The medium fits inside the play arena, and the large fits on the dining topper.
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