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Dandelions is a small box companion to our hit series with Mountain Goats, GPS, and Sequoia. It features illustrations that match the look and feel of those games and shares similarities with the fast and challenging gameplay.

Small boxes take up less space and get taken to more game nights, events, restaurants, breweries, and well, anywhere really.

It’s a fantastic choice for starting or adding to your small box collection

HIDDEN COMPLEXITY Surprising Gameplay

Dandelions is a roll-and-move, area-majority game. But this isn't Monopoly's roll-and-move. You'll roll all 11 (ELEVEN!) of your dice at the start of the game and carefully choose when to use each one over your 11 turns. The area-majority jostling adds a direct-competition yet playful edge. Two scoring methods add complexity to your strategy.

Whatever your pre-conceptions are going into this game, prepare for your expectations to be blown away by the thoughtful and surprising gameplay.

COMPONENTS What's in the box?
Rand L., Not Your Average Chit
TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Takashi Sakaue

Takashi is a board game designer from Japan with an impressive collection of titles. He designed Birth, the game that Dandelions is based upon.

ARTIST Anca Gavril

Anca is the co-artist and graphic designer for many games. She has a poster featured in the Board Game Geek Artist series. Her husband and children are always involved in the projects, from mandatory play testing and prototyping, to artistic suggestions.

ARTIST Daniel Profiri

Daniel Profiri is the co-artist for this series. Whenever he's not illustrating board games, he's drawing photorealistic portraits and working on interior design projects.
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