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Whether you want to play or solo or with a group, Factory Funner is there for you.

Factory Funner rewards solo players with thought focused gameplay and escalating difficulty levels. Think you’re getting maybe a little bit too good? Simply select another factory board and try again! You'll never get bored as you learn and improve your factory skills.

For groups, the game is perfect for nights when you want something a bit chaotic and high energy. Everyone reaching in to grab machines they want. The shouts and groans of joy and anguish when you put those machines on the board. It’s easy to teach and accessible for everyone with the variant that eliminates the quick-grab method.

KEEP IT TIDY Wood Box Insert Upgrade

What’s worse than having a box full of unorganized game components just thrown into it?

The Factory Funner wood box insert will upgrade your game with section dividers that will easily enable you to keep everything tidy.

COMPONENTS What's in the box?
Rahdo Runs Through It
Zee Garcia | Dice Tower
TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Corné van Moorsel

Corné is a game designer in Maastricht, Netherlands specializing in mainly deep games packed in a short amount of time with short rules, attractive for both heavy gamers and casual players.

ARTIST Nigel Sussman

Nigel creates complex isometric murals and seek-and-find type illustrations by hand and with a lighthearted sense of humor that keeps you looking, and smiling.
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