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Some trick taking games are relaxing affairs where you play your highest card and hope for the best. Ghosts of Christmas will challenge you, there are multiple ways to approach each round and navigate through the other players.

For example, when you don't have the cards to win in a straightforward way, sometimes you can engineer a change in who wins the "Past" trick in order to make the "Present" and "Future" trick work out better for you.

Or, if you want either a lower stress evening or are just learning, there’s the option to play the variant without bidding. On the flip side, you make it even more challenging by adding the fourth "Beyond" variant.

COMPONENT UPGRADE Wooden Hat and Wreaths

Let’s face it, we all love fancy components but sometimes can be too expensive or take up too much space.

This appropriately small and affordable upgrade over-delivers on charm with a wood Dickens hat to indicate the starting player and wood wreaths for scoring.

COMPONENTS What's in the box?
The Kickstarter Preview Taylor's Trick Taking Table
It ridiculously surprised me. It delivers on what I think trick-taking should be. Alex Radcliffe | BoardGameCo
The single best trick-taking game I've ever played! Jesse & Shira | Quackalope
TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Taiki Shinzawa

Taiki has been living and working in Tokyo designing original and unique board games since 2011. He enjoys origami and puzzles which has lead to a fascination with trick-taking games.

ARTIST Maria Surducan

Maria is a Romanian artist who creates illustrations with one hand, graphic designs with the other, comics with the third, and holds a coffee cup with the fourth.
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