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That turn in GPS

where the spinner lands on the spot that helps you but not your opponents.

That turn in Sequoia

where you have to decide if it is worth fighting for the best spot or better to grab multiple spots where there is less competition.

That turn in Mountain Goats

when you bump the leader off the mountain right before they win.

GET YOUR GOATS TO THE TOP Mountain Goats Overview

In Mountain Goats you work to move your goats to the top of 6 different mountains where they can score points as long as they stay there. You can share spaces with other goats on the way up, but there is only room for one goat at the top of each mountain. If someone else's goat moves to the mountain top, they will kick you off and you'll have to start your trek over.

It's a game about timing. You need to not just get to the top of the mountain, but get there when no one else is in position to knock you off.

It's a game about keeping your eye on your opponents. Maximizing your score, but also making sure you don't let anyone else score too much.

There is the fun chance to knock each other off the mountain. But it doesn't feel too mean because you can only knock back goats that are in a scoring position, and it isn't a huge setback. It is just a normal part of the cycle of the game.


In Sequoia you are trying to grow the tallest trees in 11 different forests. After your 10 turns, if you have the tallest tree, then you get the victory points from that forest. Second place gets a small consolation prize.

Each turn, you get to grow two of your trees. Which trees you choose will determine if you win or lose. Do you keep fighting in a forest with competition, or start growing your tree somewhere else? You'll have to wrestle with the dice to grow the tree you want.

Sequoia is a game of choosing your battles.

The dice will always give you choices, but they will be hard choices.

Ties in each forest are decided by extra tie-breaker rounds that can lead to epic finishes.


You're launching GPS satellites into space. They need to orbit the earth in the correct order. But your launch windows are limited. You can only launch satellites where the spinner points each turn. It is your job to pick the best satellite for each launch to get your birds in order before your opponents.

GPS is a game about how fun it is to spin that spinner. And it is a very satisfying spin.

It is a game about rooting for the rocket to land on your number.

GPS is a game about putting yourself in a position where the spinner is most likely to help you.


Up the fun on the three small games by adding the expansion pack which increases player counts and adds special variables.

The Mountain Goat expansion pack adds more components for a fifth player and "The Big Mountain" expansion.

The Sequoia expansion pack adds more components for a sixth player and the "Negative Point Values" expansion.

The GPS expansion pack adds three specialty satellites for each player and components for a sixth and seventh player.

Mountain Goats Expansion Rulebook (download) | Sequoia Expansion Rulebook (download) | GPS Expansion Rulebook (download)

Watch the Mountain Goats 2 minute play overview. Plumpy Thimble
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Quick 1 and a half minute video How to play GPS Plumpy Thimble
MEET The Creators DESIGNER Chad DeShon

Chad is the owner of and the designer of Sequoia. Here are some games he loves that aren't getting talked about enough: Blockers, Capital Lux, Factory Funner, The King is Dead, Nations, Greed, Prospectus, Haggis, and Startups.

DESIGNER Stefan Risthaus

Stefan Risthaus is the designer of Mountain Goats. He lives in Northern Germany and likes playing and developing games with history as a theme, but also quick fillers and family games. His wife also designs games and is the first and most important play testing person for his games.

DESIGNER Hartmut Kommerell

Hartmut Kommerell is the designer of GPS. He has forgotten a lot of the math theory he once studied, but still uses the skills to design games and to puzzle around at work. With a 6-headed family, he can always test games with players of any age.

ARTIST Anca Gavril

Anca is the co-artist and graphic designer for On Tour, QE, Bites, and Loot of Lima. She has a poster featured in the Board Game Geek Artist series. Her husband and baby girl are always involved in the projects, from mandatory play testing and prototyping, to artistic suggestions.

ARTIST Daniel Profiri

Daniel Profiri is the co-artist for this series. Whenever he's not illustrating board games, he's drawing photorealistic portraits and working on interior design projects.
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