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You could write the next great novel on your phone, but you'll type faster on a laptop. Things go smoother when you have the right tool for the job. And a board game table is the perfect tool for playing board games.

With the Jasper, you have two great length options to fit your needs. The Jasper Regular board game table has a 3' x 5' playing area that seats six people. The new Jasper Long table is longer and can fit 8 people around the play area, with a playing area dimension of 3' x 6.4'. The new Jasper Mini table is smaller and can fit 4 people around the play area, with a playing area dimension of 3' x 3.3'. All of our Jasper tables are made in the USA.


The biggest difference between a "normal" table and a board game table is the recessed playing arena. There are 3" wide armrests around the perimeter of the table, and you play games in an arena.

This border:

  • Keeps bits from falling off the table.
  • Lets you power roll your dice - they just bounce off the sides.
  • Gives you a comfortable place to rest your arms and keeps them up out of the way so everyone can see player tableaus.
PADDED SURFACE Comfortable for Gaming

The Jasper Regular, Long, and Mini tables offer the same premium play surface as our standalone playmats. The vibrant blue color that never distracts from the game, extra thick 5mm padding provides wonderful tactility, and a super soft water-resistant neoprene with a speed cloth top keeps the gameplay going all night long. Once you've enjoyed a game on this surface, there's no going back.

The play surface:

  • Is cushioned so you can get your fingers under the cards and bits to pick them up easily.
  • Tucks into a groove on the inside of the armrest so there is absolutely no gap around the edge.
  • Is removable so it is easy to clean.

Want all the benefits of the Jasper Standard, but maybe just a little bit more?

The Jasper Long offers an extended length table that is 17 inches longer. So whether you’re looking for more room at the table to sit 2 more people, or just want more space for the ever increasing footprint of large board game setups, this will surely do the trick.

The topper that pairs with this table will have five pieces, ensuring that each individual piece is easy to pick and manage.

OPTION Dining Topper
  • Looks like a normal dining room table.
  • Easy for one person to take off and put on.
  • Rubber feet on the underside to prevent it from sliding around.
  • Tongue and groove with a rubber gasket protecting the playing surface from spills.
OPTION Cup Holder
  • Cup holders are removable
  • Stainless steel insert is removable from the cup holder for easy cleaning
  • 2 attachment points on each end
  • 2 attachment points in the middle of each side
OPTION Wine Glass Holder
  • Specialized wine glass holders with a little slot for the stem to slide through and a circle for the bowl to sit on.
  • Removable wine glass holders
  • 2 attachment points on each end
  • 2 attachment points in the middle of each side
OPTION Wing Shelf
  • Sits inside the playing area to provide a flat surface for snacks, a laptop, or pencil and paper during a game
OPTION Side Shelf
  • Sits outside the playing area to provide a flat surface for snacks, a laptop, or pencil and paper during a game.
  • This shelf will extend your gaming by attaching to the long tongue-and-groove attachment point under the arm rest in the middle of the long side of the table
  • Seat is removable if you want to add your own upholstery
  • Curved back for lumbar support
  • Seat dimensions: 18in W x 17in L
  • Seat Height: 18in from floor
  • Height: 37.5in to the top
DINE + GAME Easily Multifunctional

Take advantage of the Jasper table's transformative design as a normal table that converts into a special gaming space.

The sleek timeless design that doesn't scream "look at me!", but patiently waits for you to discover its beauty, in your time, while eating dinner or playing a game.

The Jasper Regular's 3' x 5' playing area hits the sweet spot for most board games. Six people fit quite comfortably. Any game except the biggest monsters fit. You'll love how easily it will integrate into your life.

The Jasper Long Table boasts a longer 3' x 6.4' playing area that's excellent for bigger families, board game groups, and games with a bigger footprint. If you have a bigger space in your place, then fill it with the Jasper Long Board Game Table.

The Jasper Mini's 3' x 3.3' playing area is excellent for smaller areas, and board game groups. The Mini is a cozy four person table.

DETAIL ORIENTED Quality Craftsmanship

The Jasper is a budget conscious table, but that doesn't mean cheaply built. You won't find any particle board or MDF in your Jasper. It's made from solid wood. Malaysian Oak (also known as Rubberwood or Hevea Brasiliensis). It is a wood that has similar hardness characteristics as North American hardwoods, but is less expensive.

But using solid materials doesn't automatically mean a solid table. That's why we are making The Jasper in the USA (in Jasper, MO). This gives us the tightest possible quality assurance process, and a quick turn around time if problems need to be fixed. Production will be overseen by the same woodworkers who make our high end custom tables.

THE JASPERDimensions Regular Play surface 3ft x 5ft Long Play surface 3ft x 6ft 4.8in Mini Play surface 3ft x 3ft 4in Regular Full game table 3ft 5.6in x 5ft 5.6in Long Full game table 3ft 5.6in x 6ft 10.8in Mini Full game table 3ft 5.6in x 3ft 9.6in Regular Dining topper 3ft 6.6in x 5ft 6.6in Long Dining topper 3ft 6.6in x 6ft 11.8in Mini Dining topper 3ft 6.6in x 3ft 10.6in Depth of playing area 2.25 in Arm rest width 2.75 in Floor to top of arm rest 29.8 in Floor to bottom of apron 25 in Floor to top of dining topper 30.6 in Weight of each dining topper piece 17 lbs Cup holder interior diameter 3.5 in Cup holder depth 2.25 in Wing shelf 35.9 in x 9.8 in

A chief goal of The Jasper is that it would be both easy to assemble and foolproof to assemble.

Easy to assemble means that you don't have to push, beat on things, or stretch too far. It means that the table holds itself together for you as you go. We added extra screws that aren't really needed structurally, but they help you hold things in place during assembly.

Foolproof assembly means that it is almost impossible to assemble it wrong. Similarly sized screws are color coded. Boards naturally fit in obvious places. Things that need to be tight are naturally tightened correctly

The only tools you will need are your own Phillips head screwdriver and an Allen wrench we provide.

Check out the Jasper Regular assembly instruction pdf and the Jasper Long assembly instruction pdf.

Behind the Scenes at the Video Shoot for The Jasper Board Game Table
Here's a cell phone video of me showing how it works and showing the weight they can bear.
I made a cell phone video where I show you both sides of the play surface, how it lays, and how it tucks into the edge of the table.
This video shows exactly how the rubber nubs hold the topper in place and how the tongue and groove and gasket all fit together.
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