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Loot of Lima Game overview

Loot of Lima is a multiplayer deduction puzzle, where you ask questions and piece together information to find buried treasure before your opponents. Deduction games are games like Clue. In Clue, you try to figure out the who/where/how of a murder. To do so, you eliminate all whos/wheres/hows that are not possible answers.

Loot of Lima is similar, except Loot of Lima uses a clever coordinate system to give you the sense of searching different spots on Cocos Island. Loot of Lima is much harder. Not harder to learn, but harder to solve the head scratching puzzle of where the treasure is buried.

It will stretch your brain to play Loot of Lima, but you'll get to focus all your energy on playing the game, because the rules are straightforward.

COMPONENTS What's in the box?

A. 5 Player Screens

B. Map Board With Dial

C. 3 Dice

D. 140 Deduction Tokens (28 of Each Color)

E. 15 Special Ability Tokens (5 of Each Type)

F. 24 Location Tokens

G. 10 Treasure Tokens

H. Pad of Notation Sheets

I. 5 Pencils


You are searching for treasure hidden on the Island of Cocos. Cocos has 24 locations. The treasure is hidden in two of them. The game has a token for each location. At the start of the game, two tokens are placed back in the box, representing where the treasure is hidden. The rest of the tokens are then passed out evenly to the players. These represent places you have already searched, so you know that the treasure is not hidden there.

Each turn, players roll three 12-sided dice. You pick two dice, and use them to ask another player how many tokens they have in a certain range.

You use the answers to these questions to build overlapping clues, figure out the locations that have already been searched, and thus where the treasure is hidden.

And that is the real challenge here. The real fun. You get all these overlapping points of data. Rarely do just one or two questions tell you anything. But you can start to piece together questions from multiple angles, and multiple people. Squint your eyes. Think hard. Figure a few things out. And then use what you learned to help you deduce even more.

INTERACTIVE Player Shields

These aren't just player shields. They are interactive. The map board is double layered. This has a couple of benefits.

There is a hole cut for every possible location where the treasure could be hidden. As you start to solve the puzzle, slot in tokens representing which player has that location.

The arrows on your player board help you visualize the questions being asked to ensure you answer correctly.


Who doesn't love oversized dice? Just like On Tour, these are jumbo 24mm bones. Twice the size of normal dice. Bigger dice are just more fun.


The paper notes sheet. I love using dry erase boards whenever possible, but testing showed that this game needs paper and pencil. You need more precision than what you can get with a marker. You need to be able to scribble a thought in the margins. And you don't want to risk smearing your hard work.

We went through more than a dozen different layouts for the notes sheet. Finding the best way to get all the information at your fingertips, and allowing for different styles of note taking preferred by different people.

Making great breakthroughs and figuring out the challenge is the fun part of Loot of Lima. The notes sheet needs to give you what you need to allow your brain to work.

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MEET The Creators DESIGNER Larry Levy

Larry Levy is the designer of Loot of Lima and a regular contributor at the Opinionated Gamers blog. Larry has played everything, from Bridge and Chess to wargames to RPGs.

ARTIST Anca Gavril

Anca Gavril is the artist and graphic designer for Loot of Lima. She was also the artist for the other three games we have published: QE, On Tour, and Bites.

ARTIST Daniel Profiri

Daniel Profiri has done character art for our games in the past, but for Loot of Lima he greatly expanded his role and is the co-artist. He also happens to be Anca's brother.
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