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HIDDEN MOVEMENT A Challenging Puzzle Exploration

This game is equal parts silly, tense, fun, and intriguing. Everyone is going to be laughing when they or another player end up teleporting across the map or run into a ghost or a pig.

But, it’s not just for show! The twists, turns, and teleports that make it hilarious are also important pieces of the puzzle that you will use to help piece together your location on the map. Every action you take will reveal clues that, if noted correctly, can be the deciding factor in winning the game!

SPECIAL ABILITIES Use Psychic Action Powers

Your quest to quickly deliver pizza will be aided by your psychic abilities. Each deliverer will start the game with special abilities and can earn more as they navigate through the town and banish ghosts. Psychic powers like the "Pizza Sense" or "Psychic Eye" add additional ways to deduce the layout of the ghost town by providing clues as to where the pizza or homes might be located! Wandering around in the dark doesn’t have to be scary!

The added cards proudly feature more illustrations from the original artist of the Japanese version, Ryo Nyamo!

DUAL USE Functional Box

The game box also serves as a critical game component. It’s where The Mayor sets up the hidden map.

DRY ERASE Player Maps

Dry erase boards make it easy to track your moves and update as you learn more.

ACTION CARDS Special Powers

Each player starts with, and can earn, psychic power cards to help them quickly navigate the town.

THE BITS Fun Tokens

Ghost, teleport, pizza, and house tokens add a sense of whimsy and humor to the game.

COMPONENTS What's in the box?
Taylor R., Taylor’s Side Table
TALENT + PASSION Meet The Creators DESIGNER Hayato Kisaragi ARTIST Ryo Nyamo
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